Colorescience offers post procedure protocols that doctors have recommended to shorten the down time usually necessary with many treatments, especially peels, lasers and other skin regimes. Also a perfect ending protocol after hair removal by waxing.


Colorescience shields your skin from the harmful rays of the sun to help prevent skin damage, freckling and uneven coloration. Natural sunscreens adheres to and lies on top of the skin providing a protective barrier from the environment. It has great reflective properties and light absorbing properties to protect the skin from UVA, UVB and Infrared radiation.


Mineral Makeup is an amazing breakthrough in natural cosmetics.  Products come from the earth's natural minerals. The mineral pigments reflect light so that the colore seems to come from within, softening features, giving the skin a youthful glow.  It also offers necessary sun protection without heavy chemicals.


Colorescience enhances your skin tone while allowing your natural radiance to shine through. The colore saturation of these minerals is remarkable. A little goes a long way. The minerals have a veil like quality which gives you the ability to layer without a heavy appearance.